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Welcome my ambitious friend, where professional dreams are turned into reality. I am Deqa (sounds like DeeeeKa if you are scratching your head), and I have dedicated myself to help you land your dream job easily.

Straight to the point, I will connect all missing dots in your résumé and story. My sole intent is to make you a better person while chasing your dream job.

So, if you are looking for the perfect platform that can develop you and set you on the right path to landing that dream job, you can count on this bombastic person (I am talking about me if you didn’t get the hint) and all the solutions I offer to set you apart from hundreds job seekers like you.

 I know what it takes going extra to be a standout from the crowd, I have interviewed THOUSANDS of candidates over the years looking for work, I know what happens behind the

scene, how we elevate and asses’ people we interview.

My Story

I am Deqa like you already know, with over 10 years of professional experience working in the recruiter/HR industry.

I have worked for corporations in London UK, Toronto, and Hong Kong. Today, I am the founder and owner of Stone HR, I have helped discover and nurture the seasoned and newest talents that seek to carve a niche for themselves in the professional workforce.

I specialize in cultivating your story in the hiring process, by connecting all the missing dots in your résumé and most importantly, giving you the training that will help you find the missing link in your interviewing skills so that you get the job offer of your dreams.

Having seen the need to help talents pass through interviews successfully in their pursuit of dream jobs, with the intention of giving them an edge in the already overcrowded labor market.

With my experience in the HR industry, I entered into something bigger and more helpful by researching and testing different materials that will help push job seekers closer to their dreams.

 I believe that with the right guidance that is combined with a passion for success, everybody can take control of their future and what happens in it. My online content Is stuffed with numerous useful materials that can help set any job seeker out for success. I am glad to have positioned myself here, right where I can help in pushing people to the top of the ladder of THEIR success.

I am available to push you to a whole new level, if...

You have the right drive for success.

You want the right push to break through the bounds in pursuit of your dream job.

You are ready to learn the right skills that will set you apart.

As long as you are ready for it, I am here to give you the needed push and trust me; I have everything I can use to help steer you towards success.

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