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Meet Deqa

Welcome my ambitious friend, where professional dreams are turned into reality. I am Deqa (sounds like DeeeeKa if you are scratching your head), and I have dedicated myself to helping you land your dream job easily. Straight to the point, I will connect all missing dots in your résumé and story. My sole intent is to make you a better person while chasing your dream job. So, if you are looking for the perfect platform that can develop you and set you on the right path to landing your dream job, you can count on this bombastic person (I am talking about me if you didn’t get the hint) and all the solutions I offer to set you apart from hundreds job seekers like you.

Welcome To Deqa

where giving you an edge in the labor market is my forte

The hassle involved in trying to set yourself apart in the labor market can be tough, especially when there are so many potential employees looking for greener pastures like yourself. But don't worry - with the right knowledge of how to package your résumé and job search profile, you can stand out.

Job Search Made Easier

Here at Deqa, I start with the aim to give you the edge that will land you your dream job. Yes, I will combine my expertise in HR with the experience that I have gathered from years of conducting interviews and helping in the recruitment process for top companies to give you the perfect tips that will help you ace any interview. Helping you get little things like job search profile, résumé writing and interview etiquettes correctly can be the doorway to landing your dream gig.

When you choose ME, I would not only prepare you for the interview, but I'll also follow up to make sure you have the right confidence to stand in front of an interview panel. For me, getting a job goes beyond having interesting qualifications, although it is crucial; but it also involves having the right drive and the proper packaging to impress potential employers and that's what I offer you.

Capitalize on the expertise I offer today to improve your profile and ace any interview.

I can expertly handle the following services:

  • Résumé Writing and Retouching

  • Job Interview Preparation

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Social Media Re-branding

As part of our business policy, we ensure that your privacy is one hundred percent maintained so you are rest assured that your information would not be leaked or shared to anyone without your permission. All the members of my team have worked in top performing HR firms before, so we know what an HR team wants, and we know exactly how to get you ready for them.


Job Search Profile

Whether it is LinkedIn, or in fact, any other social media platform, we can help repackage your profile, giving it the right touch that will attract employers and HR teams.

Job Interview Prep

Let us help get you physically, emotionally and mentally ready for any job interview by giving you personalized tips that will help you navigate through any questions.

Job Search Strategy

Where and how should you apply? What do recruiters and hiring managers look for before they decide who they want to invite for an interview? These are questions I will answer, I will give a personalized road map so you can maximize your job search. To make it quick and effortless.

Résumé Writing and Editing

With the right knowledge of modern resume requirements, I’ll help connect the right dots in your résumé, packaging it perfectly to grab the attention of employers at first sight.

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